Talks, Panels, Podcasts & Tutorials

These are talks at industry conferences. For talks at academic conferences, see the publications page.


SREcon Americas 2023, Mar. 2023. Presented: Why This Stuff Is Hard. (slides)

Learning From Incidents Conference, Feb. 2023 (keynote). Presented: "Your Understanding of Reality is Wrong" (slides)

SREcon EMEA 2022, Oct. 2022 (Opening keynote). Presented: Knowledge and Power: A Sociotechnical Systems Discussion on the Future of SRE with Laura Maguire

Spinnaker Summit 2019, Nov. 2019. Presented: OOPS! Learning from surprise at Netflix

UC Berkeley Center for Catastrophic Risk Management (CCRM) Seminar, Nov. 2019. Presented: OOPS! Learning from surprise at Netflix

Genetec Connect'19, Dec. 2018 (Keynote speaker). Presented: "Chaos Engineering at Netflix"

European Chaos Engineering Day, Dec. 2018 (Distinguished keynote speaker). Presented What I learned doing chaos at Netflix.

SREcon Americas, Mar. 2018. Presented: Antics, Drift and Chaos

Strange Loop, Sep. 2017. Presented: Antics, Drift and Chaos

Devoxx Belgium, Nov. 2015. Presented: Chaos Engineering

HPC User Forum, Apr. 2010. Presented: "DARPA HPC-ISP PILOTS Final Results: Highlights for Two Pilot Studies"

CIS SIGHPC seminar at University of Delaware, Oct. 2005. Presented: "Using Empirical Studies to Understand the Impact of Parallel Programming Model on Productivity".


International Conference on Softare Engineering (ICSE), May 2016. Panel discussion: Chaos Engineering

The 29th IEEE Conference on Software Engineering Education and Training (CSEE&T), Apr. 2016. Panel discussion: Why You Should Be Teaching Deployment in Your Curriculum!

Manufacturing Innovations 2011, May 2011. Panel discussion: "Digital Manufacturing: Transforming the Way America Builds"

The 2009 Workshop on Component-Based High Performance Computing, Nov. 2009. Panel discussion: Open Questions in Software Engineering for High-Performance Computing Research

Podcast guest appearances

Oddly Influenced - Resilience engineering with Lorin Hochstein

Software Misadventures - Lorin Hochstein - On how Netflix learns from incidents, software as socio-technical systems, writing persuasively and more - #13

StaffEng - Lorin Hochstein (Netflix)

Resilience in Action, Episode 1: Narratives in Incidents with Lorin Hochstein


O'Reilly Velocity Conference, Jun. 2019. Move fast and learn from incidents with Nora Jones and Ryan Kitchens.